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Cute Timer
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Computers are so much FUN!

Hurray! I didn't miss my favorite show!

My dinner is ready, I cooked it much better now! I am on time!

I feel I am a better cook now! It's so good!

My computer helps me have more FUN with this cute timer I have.

On Time, Every Time!

It's so much FUN and it saves so much time,

It is simply Fantastic!

The interesting thing is that now I know I have time...
I feel time better and I know I have it.
I feel what exactly is 5 minutes, or 1 minute
I feel more patient, more relaxed now, it's amazing.
Thanks to me using this cute
Timer  program
It handles time for me so gently. and it goes through every second with me
unlike calendar programs that just bark on me out of nowhere
It's so good!
I highly recommend it.

I won't miss my favorite TV show!

I am a better cook now. It's amazing. And I was good. I regularly make bread myself and the yeast that I use needs to settle in 10 minutes.
With this timer I get it on time every time and never forget about it! Before I would forget for hours about yeast :-)

My bread is so much better now, every day!

I routinely cook meat, fry fish, put it on the oven and go to my computer.
With this cute timer I know I will be on time! It's so great! The meals come out better cooked, because I am on time,
I look and feel like I am a better cook now,
and I don't have to do anything other than playing with my computer :-) It's so good!

Just enter the number of minutes and press Enter and forget about it!
It's so easy to use. Hey, I wrote it for myself, and I am good at it, check my other sites.

It comes as a simple executable, download on the desktop, no installation needed.
It even minimizes itself in 3 seconds :-)

It makes no sounds, just shows a cute window when done:

Isn't this great? I so love it!

I can leave it running for very long after the time elapsed and it shows me how much time passed after it.

The icon is so cute that it's the only desktop Icon I have.
And it's the only app I use all the time. I rely on it. I don't have to remember things anymore!

It's an alarm, a countdown timer, a stopwatch basically as well, a cooking timer. It's just a great tool. Works on any windows and any pc

It's so much fun, that I can run 2 of them and have 2 timers at the same time!
I can just ask it to count time for me without a timer. It's such a good feeling to know that you've only spent half an hour doing this while your mind makes you feel like you spent the whole day! Also I do contract work and this cute Timer counts the time for me in 2 clicks.

The interface is so simple, just type the number of minutes and press Enter!
And forget about it! It will minimize itself automatically! Isn't this great?

Buy now, see it for yourself, you would love it, download right away and have more fun and have time, be on time, every time!

It's so much fun to use it, that I want everybody to use it!

Have fun buying a license of cute Timer at any price you choose + $1.50 for credit card processing commission!

Cute Timer
From Spline Technologies Corp

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